Sunday, 21 October 2012

Developing Lincoln

Over the past week I have discovered some interesting plans for the development of my local area. Firstly is the Brayford campus on which the Architecture building is situated, I have previously reported the rest of the Art Department would be located next door. However there has been new plans of what the university wants  to acheive over the following decade. The plans include more academic space, student accomadation, cafes, hotel and multi-story car park as the current car park shall be built upon. the University are also looking at expanding the award winning GCW Library.

The next part is the bridge over the railway line next to the engine shed. As previously posted network rail have looked into putting bridges across the railway line at densley used areas, this week they have released plans of what this may look like.

This is very exciting time to be studying at the university as it is expanding, especially being an architecture student as I can watch my future profession input into my present.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Lincoln story

The first project I was given at Lincoln was to study the buildings on a route from the cathedral back to the architecture block. As well as drawing sketches and taking photos we were to think about the enviroments social, sustainability, practicality, condition, beauty and sustainability. We did this as a part of a group (alpha 2), at the end of the two weeks of collecting all of our work we were to present it in a crit in front of some of oour lecturers and peers.

 Also pinned up was our own work that took a part of lincoln and change it. I chose steep hill as I thought it was very steep (hence the name) and very slippy, this must cause problems in the winter months, especially for older and disabled people. This lead me on a design to create steps on the east side of the road cutting into the steep hill to create steps clad with the cobbles. The red brick wall shall be used to create a hand rail from protruding bricks.

Our first Crit went well with the lecturers comenting on a caring for social aspects of architecture as well as the detail our group has gone in to.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hybrid Images

I found this on facebook whilst procrastinating, but actually ended up working. These images come from very clever people at MIT and are great optical illusoinists. the images change their content depending on the distance away from the viewer. It works by combining high spatial frequencies from one image and low spatial frequencies of another, ( confusing i know but it works).

Here are a few to have a look at look at it very close then move a few metres away and see the image change;

Monroe Einstein Large

Who's face is it?

Astro Diver

astronaut or diver?

heres more on their website: