Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Rio 2016 concept art

The London Olympics have only just finished and the attention is already starting to turn to Rio. AECOM have just released the Masterplan of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic park. A change to the usual, the olympic stadium is not to be built as existing venues are to be used, this is a sesible method to save money as places already exist to suit the cause.


The perfect Bench

In this project we had to use what we had learnt from the lectures on proxemics to create a seating arangement that would be comfortable for peiple to use and interact with. To start with we had to study people talk and interacting with each other  and how they moved around a space.

What we found was that a majority of prople were sitting across corner of the table to get closer making interaction more easy. A reason for the need to get more close was the noise levels in the cafeteria.

I looked at designs that could enclose the users in making interaction alot more easier and reducing the noise level. I also looked at making out of plastic or wood to make it light to move around as well as making it easy to clean.


Allthogh this was a very short project I did enjoy it.

Chaos to cosmos

I have not posted for a while as i have been busy with my University work however I will post more about the projects that I have done in the last few months.

Chaos to Cosmos
This project looks at different types of composition in general, not just in architecture. we worked in teams of three one person studied chaos, another cohession and I looked at cosmos and symetrical compositions.

I started studying examples of cosmos in architecture within Lincoln, it started with the the churchs and the Cathedral.

However the building that took presidence in this project was the residential block by the Brayford Pool, this is a new build which is a bit out of the norm as they are more often cohesive.

Part of the project was to use reverse logic, so I  had to take my ordered building and make it chaotic and aysmetrical.

Another part of the project was to create a composition that was made out of lots of identical atoms. the shape of the atoms were a corner block

This was the composition I created:

This was the first major project that was on a longer time scale so I felt I was able to get more stuck in to it.